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Wide Application Of Temperature Sensor
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Wide Application Of Temperature Sensor


With the development and expansion of the Internet of things, the temperature sensor, as the "five sense organs" of the IOT, is also continuously expanding its application in innovation and development.


The NTC temperature sensor has a very large negative temperature coefficient, and the resistance value decreases rapidly as the temperature rises. By using this feature, the temperature can be determined by measuring the resistance value in many fields to achieve the purpose of detecting and controlling temperature.


Now let's talk about some new applications of temperature sensors. Such as the latest research and development of one thousand tons of pure electric bulk carrier, the ship equipped with 26 tons of ultracapacitors and super power of lithium battery, battery capacity of the vessel is about 2400 kilowatts per hour, equivalent to 30-50 sets of electric vehicle battery capacity. An ordinary electric car needs to install nearly 100 temperature sensors, and the temperature sensor required for such a thousand tons of pure electric bulk cargo is 30 to 50 times that of a normal electric car. Again such as smart clothing on the built-in 31 flexible sensor, for the movement of the heart rate, breathing and body surface main muscle electromyographic signal in real time monitoring, which involves the temperature detection that need the NTC temperature sensor.


It is clear that the application of temperature sensors in the Internet of things technology will become more and more widespread.