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The Type and Development Direction of NTC Temperature Sensors

The Type and Development Direction of NTC Temperature Sensors

NTC Temperature Sensors

Sensors are the cutting-edge products of information technology, especially temperature sensors are widely used in industrial and agricultural production, scientific research and life, and the number of temperature sensors is the highest.

The development of temperature sensors has gone through the following three stages:

(1) Traditional vertical temperature sensor (including sensitive elements);

(2) Simulated integrated temperature sensor/controller;

(3) Intelligent temperature sensor.

At present, the new temperature sensor is developing from analog to digital, from integration to intelligence and network.

After entering the 21st century, intelligent temperature sensor is high accuracy, multi-function, bus standardization, high reliability and security, development of virtual sensor and network sensor, single-chip temperature measurement system and other high-tech rapid development in the direction of the weighing sensor.

At present, although the main temperature sensor, such as thermocouple, NTC thermistor and radiation thermometer technology has matured, but only in the traditional application, now it can't meet the requirements of many fields, especially in high-tech areas.

Therefore, we have developed various new high-tech temperature sensors, such as:

New energy automobile sensor: applied to automobile engine, battery, cooling water tank, etc

Smart home sensor: used in coffee machines, washing machines, smart toilets, air conditioners, etc

Office equipment sensor: used in all types of fax machines and duplicator

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