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The temperature sensor in the electric oven
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The temperature sensor in the electric oven


The working principle of the oven: electric oven is the use of heating elements issued by the radiant heat to bake food heating equipment, the temperature of the oven can be adjusted in the range of 50-250 ℃. Oven mainly by the cabinet, electric components, thermostat, timer and power switch and other components. The box is mainly composed of shell, middle compartment, liner composed of three-tier structure.

In the market are more common desktop small oven, the other is the embedded oven, embedded oven with NTC temperature sensor. When high temperature, thermistor will extend to the metal shell , metal housing has the characteristics of quick reaction and high temperature.

We need know specific requirment of the in the electric oven:

 (1) The elecric oven is heated by 2 kW electric furnace with a maximum temperature of 500 ° C.

 (2) Electric oven temperature control error ≤ ±2° C.

 (3) Electric oven temperature display accurate to 1° C

 (4) The electric oven will sound alarm when temperature exceeds the preset temperature±5° C


The following figure is an embedded oven type with an NTC temperature sensor