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The development of new energy vehicles
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The development of new energy vehicles


The ministry of industry and information technology has launched a study on the timetable for the withdrawal of fuel vehicles, it means that alternative fuel vehicles for new energy vehicles are the trend. New energy electric cars with traditional fuel cars is the biggest difference in power battery as a power drive. The importance of the battery management system BMS is obvious as the important link of connecting battery pack, vehicle system and motor.


The development of new energy vehicles has not been smooth. Over the past two years, as new energy vehicles have been widely used, we have heard a lot of "scandals" about the spontaneous combustion of new energy vehicles or the explosion of batteries. This is closely related to the temperature of the battery pack, which reflects the indispensable role of the new energy vehicle BMS temperature sensor.


The temperature sensors used in the new energy vehicles mainly include sensors that detect the temperature of the battery, the temperature sensors that monitor the motor, and the temperature sensors for the battery cooling system.