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The development of medical monitors
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The development of medical monitors


Medical monitoring equipment available to health care workers because it can be important information vital signs of patients so that clinicians can be more compre-hensive, timely and accurate grasp of the patients condition changes, for the treatment plan and provide an important basis for emergency response, access tothe best treatment, and is widely used in hospital ICU, CCU, anesthesia operating room and the temporary plant sections.With the computer's signal processing technology, the development and clinical potential risk in critically ill patients and improve patient care requirements, medical monitoring equipment to monitor more parameters, the structure more flexible combinations.Looking monitor future trends, monitors are moving in the following direction: 

1. Small 

As the rapid development of electronic information technology, more and more integrated circuits, making the monitors become more and more compact size. Meanwhile, in order to meet the hospital community service, on-site emergency medical and other needs, monitor manufacturers started to develop a small portable monitor, its flexibility and can move, can better adapt to critical patient transport and rescue, and even moreGood to meet the field, field, and transportation needs. 


Due to technical constraints, only monitors the early ECG monitoring, display, alarm and recording functions relatively simple.With modern advances of medical technology, medical staff want to monitor more parameters in real-time monitoring of the human body and comprehensive, timely, accurate and master the patient's condition changes in order to develop treatment programs and for emergency treatment.Compared with the early monitors, the monitoring function of the modern monitors from ECG extended to blood pressure, respiration, pulse, temperature, oxygen saturation, cardiac output vector, PH value, and other physiological parameters measured. The content information output from a single wave into a waveform display, data, characters, graphics, combined; either display a single measurement data and waveform, but also a trend for a specific period of time statistics. 


Increasingly fine division of the hospital department, the use of care products, more and more departments, and the use of different sections, there are different emphases, using only one feature of the care product can not meet the clinical requirements.Therefore, some specifically designed for a department monitors have also come out.Monitor the use of cardiovascular diseases has been started to monitor, to the current widely used in cardi-ovascular, respiratory, women, newborns, anesthesia, sleep, etc. monitoring.These specialized monitors can address the special requirements for special monitoring of the project, to solve some specific problems.Therefore, the professional development of monitoring products, whether for better use to meet the requirements of different depart-ments, or to improve care quality and provide valuable information sharing are essential. 

4. Family 

 As people's living standards improve, the daily life of a higher health-care requirements, the emergence of the family unit, also monitor proposed new requirements.Ordinary people at home care products to the requirements will be growing.To expand the monitoring use of the product range to meet the low-end market and family requirements, products must have a small monitor, intelligent, low cost, low use cost trends.In the future, a reliable, economical and practical family monitor the development will be soon. 

5. Wireless 

Wireless network technology is to monitor products, signaling the central station and the clinical way through the wireless communication connection.Compared with wired networking, and its simple installation and application flexibility, especially in patients on continuous monitoring in transit, the product of any movement between multiple departments to achieve anytime, anywhere data sharing and so on have their advantages. 

6. Intelligent 

With highly integrated circuits, monitors become more and more compact size, features and more complete, in can monitor ECG, NIBP, SPO2, TEMP, and other basic parameters, but also for continuous monitoring of blood pressure, cardiac outputthe amount of anesthetic gas and other special parameters.On this basis, monitor the progressive development of a powerful software analysis functions, such as arrhythmia, pacemaker analysis, ST segment analysis, and monitoring information needs based on clinical review, including trends, information storage table, storage time is long, large amount of information.With a variety of analysis functions in the future, expert system assisted diagnosis and monitor the development will be faster. 

7. Network

As communications, computer development, monitors the network into the kind of speed up, a single monitor to monitor a large number of patients can not meet the processing and monitoring of patient information, through a central network of information systems to monitor multiple network hospital, you can improveefficiency.Especially at night, fewer cases of staff can also monitor multiple patients simultaneously, through the intelligent analysis of the police, so that each patient can receive timely care and treatment. Central monitoring system with the hospital network system network, the other sections of the hospital patient information for aggregate storage, making all the checks in the hospital patients, the disease had to store such information to a central information system to facilitate better diagnosis and the patienttreatment.