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The Composition Of Office Automation Temperature Sensor
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The Composition Of Office Automation Temperature Sensor


According to the appearance, the temperature sensor which applied in office automation is mainly classified as five categories, OI type, OH type, OS type, OL type and OP type, we collectively known as OTS series.


They are mainly composed of the following several parts: thermistor, injection molded parts, high temperature membrane, wire, connector. Application in office automation, such as printer, copier temperature sensor must be high temperature resistant and fast reaction, therefore, the thermistor is essentially glass encapsulation (axial or radial). Injection molded parts needs to be opened the mould, make through mold injection molded parts and steel sheet forming. Requires high temperature membrane resistance temperature of 200 or above, so usually use teflon film and polyimide film. As for the wire we usually use high temperature resistant wire, such as PE wire and teflon wire, two wires must be single, can not be merging. Connector is usually chooses import brands, such as JST, AMP, etc.


Office automation NTC temperature sensor is basically used in the printer or copier on the rollers fixing device, which is a kind of consumables, as more and more widely used, the usage of the OTS series of temperature sensors will be very substantial.