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Temperature sensor used in intelligent toilet
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Temperature sensor used in intelligent toilet


Today, intelligent toilets are very popular abroad because it is high-end, classic, comfortable and convenient. From the commercial use to home application, It can be seen everywhere, and it is also starting to be used in some high-level places and families. 

It has multiple functions: Hip wash, Feminine wash, Seat heating, Anti-bacteria, Auto deodorization, Auto flush, ect. 

It is user-friendly, it can be operated by manual panel and remote control devices. 

Temperature sensor is the essential part of intelligent toilet, there are three kinds of temperature sensor playing an important role in the intelligent toilets, as shown below: 

1.SMD NTC Thermistor——It is mounted in the PCB of intelligent toilet for measuring temperature. SMT encapsulation, small dimension, small footprint and easy to install.

2. Bullet shape NTC temperature sensor- It is mounted in the cleaning tube for measuring water temperature. Fast response time: within 3 sec, fastest response time to 1sec, it can provide more pleasurable user experience. This sensor is adopt waterproof encapsulating design, it will not affected by damp when applied in the intelligent toilet. Furthermore, there are other encapsulated forms from choice, such as Frange type.

3.Epoxy coated NTC thermistor- It is mounted in the intelligent toilet seat for measuring temperature, it makes every customers feel comfortable in no matter in which season.