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Temperature sensor shell selection
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Temperature sensor shell selection


The characteristics of temperature sensor shell are mainly explosion-proof treatment to achieve the ideal temperature measurement. We can choose different materials according to different requirements, the material can be divided into stainless steel, copper, aluminum and so on.

There are two main types of temperature sensor: First metal class includes stretchings, turning pieces, seamless welds, turning and welding, etc., which can shape the shell of different shapes. Second the injection molding includes the plastic and ceramic housing, and the other plastic supports should be customized according to the installation factors.

The temperature sensor is encapsulated with a stainless steel metal shell . Products with small size, responsive, diverse species, waterproof and earthquake and other characteristics, can be widely used in environmental temperature,gas temperature, liquid temperature, surface temperature, refrigeration and other various types of temperature measurement.

We need to select various encapsulate shells according to the application, environment, temperature range and precision of the product.