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Temperature sensor reliability test
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Temperature sensor reliability test


In order to guarantee the quality of products, 20 samples will be drawn out to do reliability test for each batch of production of temperature sensor, (to measure the resistance and B value before the test) of 20 samples test project is as follows:

1.    Cold thermal shock (temperature shock) test

Put the product successively in the cold box and the 100C heat box for 5 minutes, 10 minutes is a cycle, and the total is 20 cycles.

2.    Single core tension test

Depending on the size of the product line, test with different tension, such as #26 with 5N, #30 with 10N to see if the product can withstand this pulling force.

3.    Bending test

Use the finger to hold the product's head up and down, so that it can do 10 back and forth to see if the joint is broken.

4.    High temperature load test

First, product line with electric welding machine welding into series (convenient to do current shock), connected to the current machine, and then put into oven 180C, gradually increase the current to the rated current value which will continue to rise during the process, stay current numerical stability when the rated current value (usually takes 15 to 30 minutes), don't do other operation, let the product be placed in the oven for 2 hours.


After completion of the above test, check the resistance and B value of the product to see if it is within the precision range. If so, the temperature sensor is OK.