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Temperature sensor protection sleeve material selection
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Temperature sensor protection sleeve material selection


Temperature sensors are often in high temperature and high pressure condition, and by the high-speed impact of electric fluid to protect casing in can withstand without rupture, which is related to the protection of pipe material, diameter, wall thickness and temperature tolerance. In order to make the sensor work safely and reliably, it is very important to protect the proper design of the casing.

As mentioned above, the design of the temperature sensor protection sleeve should not only ensure that the sensor is working properly, but also ensure that the temperature measured is fast and accurate.The wall thickness of the protective casing increases the strength of the temperature sensor's enclosure, but the wall thickness increases the thermal inertia of the sensor, which causes the sensor to slow down. At the same time, it is very important to select the casing material of temperature sensor under different temperature range.The following table lists the types of protective casing materials in different temperature ranges.

Sleeve type Temperature range
Silicone tube  250C°
Fiberglass fixed sleeve  400C°
Internal plastic glass sleeve, external colloidal glass sleeve  -50C-250C°
General pvc sleeve  150C°
Teflon tube  400C°-600C°
General shrink sleeve(PE)  105 C°-125 C°
Fluorine rubber heat shrink sleeve  150C°200C°
PFA/PVDF heat shrink sleeve   175 C°