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Temperature sensor on copier for office automation
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Temperature sensor on copier for office automation


With the development of sensors, especially temperature sensors, the rapid adoption of high-end household appliances and office automation equipment makes life and work environment more comfortable and convenient. Temperature sensor has become one of the indispensable components of home appliances and office automation equipment. Here's a look at the temperature sensor applied to the copier.


The most common temperature sensor used in the copier is thermistor, the commonly used thermosensitive resistance of a negative temperature coefficient. Our company measure the thermal resistor in constant temperature tank, as long as the measured value in the range of accuracy, the thermistor is no problem, if beyond the tolerance range, the thermistor is failure.


Thermistor in the copier is fixed on the metal stents, and through the high temperature silicone wrap to high temperature resistant film, then through the lead wire connected to the copy machine processing circuit, the wire connect to the metal and plastic connector. The temperature sensor’s characteristic is fast response, high reliability, good stability, excellent thermal cycle endurance and high temperature resistance. Installing it in the copier fixing device, it can quickly complete copy job.