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Temperature sensor on coffee machine for smart home
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Temperature sensor on coffee machine for smart home


There are three main types of coffee machines in the market currently. Drip coffee machine, siphon coffee machine, pressure type coffee machine. Most of the three types of coffee machines have a limited temperature range, which automatically disconnects the switch, and the amount of coffee is either fixed, and not required people to hold the switch. This requires a coffee machine that can automatically control the temperature. Therefore, the temperature sensor must be installed on the coffee machine.


The temperature sensor of the coffee machine is changed by the resistance of the NTC thermistor with the ambient temperature or the heat from the current. That is under certain measurement power, the resistance value decreases rapidly with the temperature rise. This characteristic is used to determine the corresponding temperature by measuring the resistance of NTC thermistor to achieve the purpose of detecting and controlling temperature. The flow chart of temperature control is as follows:


With the development of society, NTC temperature sensor will be more and more widely used in the field of smart home.