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Temperature sensor in water machine
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Temperature sensor in water machine


There are temperature sensors in many places in our daily life, and there are two temperature sensors in the water machine, which is near the outlet pipe and the heat pipe. Here's a brief introduction of the role of temperature sensors in the water machine.

Traditional water machine uses thermistor for temperature control. Water machine connects the thermal sensor and switch. Resistance of the thermal sensor changes and the switch turns on while the temperature is not high enough; resistance changes and the switch cuts and stops heating while it rises to a certain temperature. Cycle repeats.

The new water machine combines a single chip microcomputer to design an energy saving and environmental protection temperature control system for water machine to make up for the shortcomings of the water machine. The temperature control system of sensor is stable and easy to be operated, and have wide development prospect. By using temperature sensor and single-chip microcomputer to solve energy waste, it can avoid drinking water boiled for long time to ensure users’ health so that new water machine gets more and more popular.