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Temperature sensor in induction cooker
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Temperature sensor in induction cooker


temperature sensor , NTC thermistor

Induction cooker is one of the electronic cookware for cooking food in modern family. The induction cooker is very convenient to use as the characteristics are high efficiency, small volume, low noise, energy saving, green and environmental protection, even heating during cooking, which can better maintain the color and fragrance of food. It's a popular kitchen appliance.


Induction cooker mainly uses the principle of electromagnetic induction and current thermal effect. Alternating magnetic fields are generated around the induction cooker to form electric currents, which eventually heat up. In the heating process of induction cooker, temperature sensor is urgently needed to measure the temperature and internal heat dissipation in real time. The temperature sensor feeds the measured temperature back to the control system of the induction cooker to adjust the current, so as to realize the heating requirements of different functional modes.


In the process of producing magnetic field in induction cooker, a large amount of heat will be generated. The temperature change can be detected by NTC thermistor, and the working condition of the cooling fan will be controlled, thus ensuring the safety of the heating process.