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Temperature sensor in cars
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Temperature sensor in cars


The vehicle sensor is an important part of automobile electronic equipment, which undertakes the task of infomation gathering. In the automobile air conditioning system, the heat state of the engine and gas liquid temperature need to be measured and controlled, so the vehicle temperature sensor is indispensable.

The heat generated by an automobile engine, the surface temperature can reach 150 , the exhaust temperature of 650 , also in the environment of steam, salt fog, corrosion and sludge, so the engine control system of temperature sensor is higher than the industrial sensor technology indicators. The selection of the electrode, the shell's water resistance, the robustness, the thermal power line, the installation method is extremely strict. The first choice of temperature sensor in the cars is the gold electrode chip, which has good stability, high reliability and high measurement accuracy, ensuring the normal operation of the engine control system and avoid the measurement error of the temperature sensor.

When driving a car, it is difficult to find out that the engine is too hot. Therefore, the installation of temperature sensor for alarm can play a large role. At present, the bus company has installed the temperature sensor for some buses. When the temperature of the engine reaches the set threshold, it will automatically call the police. The installation temperature sensor can effectively improve the engine's various safety hazards, thus ensuring the safety of the driving and passengers.