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Temperature Sensor For Printer And Copier
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Temperature Sensor For Printer And Copier


Office automation temperature sensor mainly refers to the printer and copier temperature sensor. They generally adopt NTC thermistor with negative temperature coefficient, When temperature rises, thermistor resistance decreases. Let’s explain about the position and function of the temperature sensor for the printer and copier.


Printers are divided into needle printers, inkjet printers and laser printers. The temperature sensor of needle and inkjet printer is mainly used for the temperature detection of the head. When the print head continuously for a long time to print, the print head surface temperature can reach 100 above, the internal temperature will be higher, in order to prevent damage of high temperature damage to print head, therefore, the temperature sensor should be installed in the printing head to check the temperature. The temperature sensor in the laser printer is used for temperature detection in the fixing component. In the fixing, the temperature of heating of the ink powder is too high to cause the printing paper to be damaged, too low toner does not melt or melt incomplete, the image is unstable, therefore, temperature sensor must be installed on the fixing component to realize temperature detection and control.


The copier temperature sensor is mainly used in the fixing component, which is classified as the main temperature thermistor and the auxiliary temperature thermistor. The main temperature thermistor is installed in the middle of the hot roll to detect the temperature of the center part of the fixing roll and control the fixing of the fixing lamp. The auxiliary temperature thermistor is installed on the side of the fixing roller to detect the heating anomaly in the area due to the overheating of the fixing roller.