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Temperature sensor for new energy vehicle
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Temperature sensor for new energy vehicle


In the new energy vehicle is used in the sensor of electric vehicle (ev) mainly includes testing battery temperature sensor and monitor the temperature sensorof the motor, as well as temperature sensor for the battery cooling system and so on.


Here's how the temperature sensor works in different locations of a vehicle:

1.       External temperature sensor principle

When the temperature of outside the car changes, its resistance also changes, the resistance is large when the temperature is low, and the resistance is small when the temperature is high.

2.       Internal temperature sensor principle

The temperature sensor in the car is usually mounted below the dashboard and connected to the air conditioning duct with air pipe. When the airflow passes quickly, the resulting vacuum causes the air to guide the temperature sensor in the car.

3.       Evaporator’s temperature sensor principle

The evaporator temperature sensor is usually installed on the evaporator wing, and the temperature of the evaporator is precisely induced. It is made by the thermosensitive resistance which has the characteristic of negative temperature coefficient.