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Temperature sensor for baby bath plate
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Temperature sensor for baby bath plate


The baby needs to place a certain depth and proper temperature of water on the baby shower, when the weather turns cool, especially babies exposed to warm water can catch cold, use a regular bath tray, function is relatively single, tub of water temperature will decrease. In order to ensure that the baby has a suitable bath water temperature, the intelligent baby tub for temperature control system is described below.

In order to ensure the water temperature to keep baby bath plate between 36-39, the intelligent bath tub increased temperature control function, when the thermistor probe measured temperature of the water in the pipe, feedback to the controller through the change of resistance, when the water temperature is below the set temperature, the contactor in the temperature sensor will be connected to the main circuit for heating. However, when the temperature sensor temperature is higher than the set temperature, the heating element will be disconnected, thus stopping the heating.In order to guarantee the safety of the baby bath tub, the temperature is higher than 45 , the temperature will not display water temperature, warn users adopt measures in time, ensure the safety of the tub.

This kind of intelligent baby tub, which uses temperature sensor to sense water temperature and the principle of temperature control regulation, perfect the deficiency of traditional bath tub.