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Temperature sensor for 3D printer
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Temperature sensor for 3D printer


There are three main types of electronic temperature sensor for office automation 3D printer: thermocouple, thermistor, RTD and IC temperature sensor. And the most commonly used is thermistor, which is the thermistor of the NTC negative temperature coefficient. The so-called negative temperature coefficient refers to the decrease in resistance when the temperature rises.Thermistor need to withstand 300 degrees of heat on a 3D printer, therefore it is need to use a thermal resistor that's encapsulated in glass. The thermistors of glass encapsulation are classified as two types: axial and radial.

Based on the principle of 3D printing and the working principle of the temperature sensor in the process of 3D printing, through the use of NTC temperature sensor, by controlling the temperature in the process of printing, the implementation of 3D printing colors and modeling of 3D model control, improve the accuracy of the 3D printing and success rate.


With the application of 3D printers in the field of office automation, the importance of the NTC temperature sensor as the core temperature control becomes more and more important.