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Reusable or Disposable Medical Temperature Probes
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Reusable or Disposable Medical Temperature Probes


NTC thermistors are widely applied in reusable or disposable medical temperature products to optimize monitoring accuracy and clinical hygienic standards. EXSENSE’s NTC thermistor medical temperature sensors offer a combination of electrical sensitivity, durability and interchangeability in a variety of physical configurations at ultra low cost.


EXSENSE’s standard product is based on the 400 series compatible thermistor probe configurations. The enterprice also supports customized sensor requirements. Options for customization include different resistance versus temperature characteristics, a selection of lead types and a variety of integral custom connectors.


Standard Product includes Esophageal or Rectal Probes as well as Skin Sensor Probes.
Temperature probe features are as follows:
1. 400 Series (2.252K ohms thermistor chip);
2. Accuracy ±0.1°C from +25 ° C to +45° C;
3. Many connector types available including Molex, Phono-style and 3 Pin DIN connectors;
4. Customized R/T characteristics, wire types, lead lengths and insulation types available;
5. Cost effective global manufacturing;
6. FDA compliant.