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Office Autoamtion Temperature Sensor
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Office Autoamtion Temperature Sensor


The office automation temperature sensor is mainly classified as OS type, OL type, OH type and OI type. This kind of temperature sensor developed rapidly, and from 1998 to 2005, the large area contact type developed to small area contact type, and the durability performance was greatly improved. The advantages and disadvantages of them are described below:

Beginning with OH and OL types, this large area contact temperature sensor is based on the unique thin-film thermistor, which realized high speed reaction, durable and low price , but the contact surface with roller contact pressure is large, contact area of wear-resisting performance is poor, not durable.

In order to improve the above problems, the OI type temperature sensor was born. This small area contact temperature sensor greatly reduces the pressure of the roller contact surface and improves the wear resistance, thus improving the durability of the temperature sensor.


With the development of science and technology, the office automation temperature sensor will gradually develop to the non-contact type, infrared temperature sensor, the precision is better and more durable, which making human life more convenient.