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NTC Temperture Sensor applied to dishwasher
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NTC Temperture Sensor applied to dishwasher


With the improvement of living and the upgrading of consumption concept, more and more consumers pay attention to the experience of life. The requirement for electrical appliances from meets the basic needs to improve our life better. So the dishwashers came into being. After enjoying meal, the dishwasher helps you to clean up the dishes and disinfect them which it's clean and efficient. What’s more, NTC temperature sensor plays an important role in the dish-washing machine.

When the automatic dishwasher is working, it will 360 ° fully flush the tableware surface through high temperature and high pressure water. Detergent will decompose the oil and food residue on surface of tableware. On the other hand, hot water soaking them concurrently. Then the oil and residue are decomposed and fall off from tableware quickly. In the end, the tableware are clean and sterile.

When the water temperature reaches 45 to 50 , the active substances can make the maximum effect in the detergent. To achieve the ideal cleaning temperature, NTC temperature sensor is adopted in the microprocessor control system for the automatic dishwasher.When the temperature increase ,the resistance value of the thermistor sensor will increase accordingly. Then the microprocessor collects information and perceives the current temperature. When the temperature rises to a certain set value, the heater will be cut off and stop heating so that the water temperature will drop. When the temperature drops to a certain set value, the heater is powered on again, making the water temperature rise gradually. According to this principle, it will keep the water temperature under the required range. Flushing the tableware repeatedly with high pressure water at a constant temperature to make them clean and kill bacteria.

Dishwashers are universally used in home appliances. To know about the principles and the application of NTC temperature sensors, which can let us use it ease and safety and improve the life quality.