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NTC temperature sensor is very essential component in printer

Nowadays, the printer has played an important role in daily office life, and it is divided into laser printer, needle type printer and inkjet printer three types.

If printers is working in a long time condition, the temperature will be over more and more high. There must be overheating. In order to avoid the print head overheating and damage, almost all of the printer manufacturers introduced needle type printer are set print head temperature detection circuit. Temperature sensor has been widely used theNTC tempeature sensor to monitor the current temperature of the print head. When the temperature of the print head is higher than the upper temperature set by the printer, then the printer stops printing, and the operation panel online lights flashing, when the temperature falls, the printer automatically at half speed (normal playing at half the speed of print, until the temperature dropped to set the lower limit of the temperature in was restored normal print speed.

Exsense company had research and development several types NTC temperature sensor used in printer can be very good controlling and monitoring of temperature.

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