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Application and Development Prospect of NTC Temperature Sensor in Cold-chain Transportation

With the development of social economy, the pace of people's life and work is speeding up. There is an increasing demand for fresh and frozen food in daily life. Fresh produce, such as fruits, vegetables, poultry and aquatic products, need to be transported at low temperature to maintain freshness, color, flavor and nutrition. The cold chain logistics system is came to reality with temperature control technology, among which temperature sensormonitoring system is indispensable.

The working principle of temperature sensor monitoring system is: Firstly the temperature sensor uses the internal A/D converter to convert the collected temperature value and obtain the corresponding digital quantity, receives the micro-controller of the serial clock (SCL) and read data command, the data is transmitted to the microcontroller through the I2C bus, which processes the data transmitted by thetemperature sensor accordingly, and then stores the data in the data storage through the I2C bus. By managing the freshness and quality of products in real time, we can realize the early warning when the temperature changes during transportation and distribution, or record the temperature changes in the process. Therefore, it is helpful to identify the quality change and the specific time, and to identify the liability of quality accident.

When the cold chain temperature sensor detection system is applied in the transportation of fresh and fresh cold storage, the performance of each component should be considered, especially the temperature resistance, reaction speed and precision of the built-in temperature sensor. Therefore, the temperature range, data transmission mode, speed and power consumption of the device should be also important to considered.

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