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NTC Temperature Sensor for Mobile Phone
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NTC Temperature Sensor for Mobile Phone


Temperature sensors have been used in mobile phones since the early days, which can detect the temperature of the changing situation of cell batteries and processors when using the phone. There are more temperature sensors in smartphones today, which can be used to to check the working condition and control the heating situation of mobile phone.

Many smart phones are equipped with temperature sensors, some of them are equipped more than one. Their purpose is to check the temperature inside the phone and the battery, monitor the CPU, motherboard and other hardware to prevent overheating and damage.

If one part is found to be too hot and reach the specified temperature, the phone will activate the protective devices and force it to shut down to prevent damage. What’s more, temperature sensorscan also detect the changing temperature in the outside air, even the user's current body temperature.

Today,the rapid technological upgrading of smart phones is mainly due to the innovation and breakthrough of sensor technology in mobile phones. The application of NTC temperature sensor in mobile phones is even more critical, which is an important part of safety in use. Temperature sensors are playing an increasingly important role in our life, bringing more and more convenience and benefits to people.