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NTC Temperature Sensor for Coffee Machine
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NTC Temperature Sensor for Coffee Machine


Most common temperature sensors on the market for coffee machines are mainly due to structural forms and raw materials, and the temperature sensor is often slow and unreliable. Our company investigate the fundamental reason is the thermistor temperature sensor used to protect the shell material and structure, which  requires the protection of the structure and material selection of the shell during the design and development of the temperature sensor.


The chip of thermistor of ordinary temperature sensor is sealed with epoxy resin, due to the characteristics of epoxy resin, it is difficult to completely seal the moisture-proof and moisture-proof. Glass is good for sealing, and it can be completely moisture-proof and moisture-proof, So we use the glass encapsulation process to encapsulate the chip.


In addition, we also use the third-order bullet shell as the shell of thermistor, then sealed with epoxy resin into the shell. The wire and the shell are wraped with a heat-shrinkable sleeve, this can have multiple protective effects. Of course, the selection of the third-order bullet shell is also to use the good heat conductive metal shell.


The above is the new type of NTC temperature sensor for coffee machine designed by Exsense Sensor company, high reliability, high sensitivity and long service life, so as to improve the working efficiency and stable performance of the coffee machine.