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NTC Temperature Sensor For Boiler
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NTC Temperature Sensor For Boiler


NTC temperature sensor of boiler is suitable for controlling the heating system, the operating principle is the resistance varies with the temperature. By measuring the temperature of the room and setting temperature, when the resistance changes to a certain value, the relay will be able to switch the action, and the output control of boiler will stop.


We can further understand the installation of boiler by the following internal structure diagram:



As shown in the figure above, a boiler involves the temperature of the water and the temperature of the air, which uses a component that detects the temperature. Each boiler has at least one NTC temperature sensor, some even two temperature sensors. One sensor is used to detect the temperature of the water and the other to detect the air temperature.


As the prospect of boiler has been favored, the NTC temperature sensor, a core sensor of it, will be more and more valued and a lot of procurement.