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NTC Temperature Sensor applied to Fish Tank Heating Rod
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NTC Temperature Sensor applied to Fish Tank Heating Rod


With the improvement of people's life quality, raising ornamental fish has become a kind of enjoyment and trend. About raising fish, heating rod is the most commonly used aquarium hardware for heating water in fish tank. In addition to ensuring fish can live in the appropriate temperature, it is often used to treat sick fish or provide them a suitable water temperature to breed.

The heating rod can be divided into two types according to its principle and structure. One is the bimetallic sheet mechanical heating rod, the other is thermistor probe heating rod. Let's focus on the principle and application of the latter one.

Using NTC temperature sensor, We can use the temperature control problem more accurately. Thermistor detecting temperature heating rod, the working principle is that the temperature control system controls the water temperature through the thermistor probe in the water. If the water temperature in the fish tank is lower than the set value, the temperature sensor will perceive the temperature and transmit the information to the temperature control system. Then the temperature control system will launch the heating rod and heat the water in the fish tank. When the water temperature reaches to the set value again, the heating rod stops heating so that the temperature can be hold at constant value. All in all, this thermistor heating rod is quick and accurate.

In addition, the thermistor probe heating rod should be placed sideway or horizontally near the bottom of the tank, which is better for heat dissipation and prevents the upper part of the heating rod expose to the water suface and burnout.

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