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NTC Temperature Sensor
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NTC Temperature Sensor


NTC temperature sensors have a very large negative temperature coefficient, the resistance value varies with the ambient temperature or from the heat through the current, under certain measurement power, the resistance value decreases rapidly as the temperature rises. Therefore, it is widely used in life, especially in the three fields of office automation, new energy automobile and smart home.


The core part of the NTC temperature sensor is the chip, while silver electrode chips are commonly used in the market. It has good conductivity, strong adhesion, good weldability, compact surface and good compatibility with substrate material, but silver ions can easily migrate with environmental changes, which can easily lead to the failure of temperature sensors.

To avoid the above problems, our company has developed a gold electrode chip. The metal is relatively inert, and it is not easy to migrate with the change of the environment, and the stability is high, so that the temperature sensor can achieve high reliability and high stability.