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NTC Surface Mounted Chip
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NTC Surface Mounted Chip


NTC surfce mounted chip, i.e., die/bare chip, is the core part of NTC thermistors and temperature sensors. It is the newest development in chip NTC thermistors. The miniature package is designed for hybrid applications where bonding wire or Au/Sn solder is used as the attachment method. The terminations on the top and bottom of the thermistor are gold (Au) plated for the ultimate in hybrid designs and construction.



1. High accuracy

2. Excellent thermal cycle endurance

3. Stable performance

4. Long life span

5. Wide operating ranges -50℃ ~ +200℃



1. Hybrid designs and construction

2. High Precision NTC thermistors and temperature sensors


Part Number Available

Structure: rectangular or square type

Termination: silver or gold type

Dimension: length 0.5-2.0mm, wide 0.5-2.0mm, height 0.3-0.8mm

Resistance at 25℃: 1Kohm-200Kohm

Beta value at 25℃/50℃: 3200K-4400K

Accuracy of resistance & Beta value: 0.3%-10%; 0.1℃ highest.

Rated power at 25℃: 15mW

Dissipation factor: 2.5mW/℃ minimum

Thermal time constant: 5Sec maximum

Special part number could be custom designed.




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