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New Energy Vehicle Temperature Sensor
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New Energy Vehicle Temperature Sensor


Cars have become a necessary vehicle for every family, and having one or two cars has become a standard for every family. With the deterioration of the global environment, new energy vehicles for energy conservation and emission reduction have emerged. Every new thing must be derived or drive out the development of related industries, such as new energy vehicle is one of the core part of BMS (battery management system), there must be the NTC temperature sensor is used to real-time monitor the temperature.


In the rapid development of new energy vehicles, the battery management system (BMS) plays an important role as the core technology. And new energy vehicles provide the best energy output only at precisely defined operating temperatures. Therefore, it is required to monitor and adjust the battery temperature reliably, so as to prevent the battery from overheating and extend its working life to the maximum extent. The NTC temperature sensor is used in most new energy car battery designs so that the working temperature can be measured in real time.


The new energy vehicle NTC temperature sensor usually has two types, one is epoxy encapsulated, we are known as BT type. One is a metal shell for easy installation, we commonly known as earring or ground ring type. Both are used to monitor temperature in the new energy vehicle BMS (battery management system).