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New energy vehicle charging piles
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New energy vehicle charging piles


New energy vehicles are the inevitable trend of human sustainable development. New energy vehicles represented by electric vehicles will become the leading products of the global automobile industry. The development of new energy vehicles will transform the use of traditional cars, reduce the consumption of oil, change energy consumption structure, ensure energy security, and reduce air pollution. Charging piles are essential for new energy vehicles.

As the growth of the new energy vehicles, new energy charging pile will be installed in public buildings, shopping malls, public parking lots, etc.) and or charging stations in parking lot in residential area, at the same time, we can charge different types of electric vehicles according to different voltage grades.

The charging pile of new energy vehicles usually provides two kinds of charging methods: conventional charging and quick charging, in order to solve the problem of new energy vehicles of hot charging pile, temperature sensors are installed in the charging pile equipment, detecting heat, when the temperature reaches a set threshold, the power supply will stop charging. This not only prevents the failure of charging and heating, but also better protects the safety performance of the vehicle.