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Neonatal Body Temperature Measurement Sites and Methods
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Neonatal Body Temperature Measurement Sites and Methods


Body temperature measurement is one of the clinical nursing tasks that must be done every day in pediatric routine care. Real-time and accurate body temperature data can help doctors make the correct diagnosis of children with disease, and provide the gist for prevention and treatment and care.


Armpit temperature

Armpit temperature measurement is currently the most commonly used method of temperature measurement.

The axillary vessels are abundant, and the disposable skin temperature probe is placed under the armpit, which can be measured closer to the blood temperature.

Dry the patient's armpit first and then place the disposable skin temperature probe in the armpit, it will not cause a position shift. Neonatal measurement of underarm temperature does not require paramedics to assist, and the temperature time may cost 5min~ 10min.


Anal temperature

The rectal temperature is close to the core temperature of the body and is not affected by room temperature.

Because the rectum has a rich blood supply from the hemorrhoid artery, the result can accurately reflect the actual change of a patient, accurately reflect the body's core temperature, is the criterion for clinical understanding of neonatal body temperature method.

When a baby is born, the temperature of its body surface drops rapidly due to the temperature difference inside and outside the palace, and the first temperature should be taken in the rectum.

Bend your newborn to your knees, fully expose the buttocks, and then insert the rectal temperature probe into 2cm~3cm after lubrication the disposable rectal temperature probe, then the body temperature can be stabilized after 3min.


Abdominal skin temperature

Because abdomen has many viscera and big blood vessels, sometime abdomen temperature can replace axillary temperature.

The method is to attach a disposable skin temperature probe to the newborn's abdomen, and the monitor can directly understand the temperature of the patient through the reaction of the NTC chip with the skin temperature probe. Abdominal temperature measurement is easy to operate.