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Main type of the temperature sensor probe
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Main type of the temperature sensor probe


The NTC temperature sensor is mainly composed of mixed oxide ceramic materials, which is negative temperature coefficient. As the temperature increases, the resistance decreases, which is completely contrary to the measurement characteristics of the PT100 sensor. There are two main types of probe types for temperature sensor.

First, Puncture (immersion) probe. The probe is mainly used to measure the temperature of liquids and solids, and the front end of the probe is designed in a needle to make it easier to detect the temperature of the object. To select the piercing probe, we should specify that the temperature of the instrument is not the temperature of the medium, but the temperature of the sensor. Ensure that the depth of penetration or immersion is 10 to 15 times the diameter of the probe; When measuring the liquid, try to keep it in a static state so that the object can be more accurately measured.

Sencond, surface probe, the probe is mainly used to measure the surface temperature of the object. The probe front end of the temperature sensor used is perpendicular to the measured object and is closely related to the measuring object. It must be noted that the contact surface of the probe and the measured object must be flat, otherwise the measurement error can be easily caused.

When designing the temperature sensor probe, we need to select the probe type according to the characteristics of the product, so as to maintain the accuracy and stability of the temperature measurement