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Lithium Ion Batteries for Electric Vehicle
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Lithium Ion Batteries for Electric Vehicle


BMS (Battery Management System) is the most important part in Electric Vehicle . The BMS is mainly used for the power battery system of the Electic Vehicle. The BMS can detect the power batteries on line and monitor the battery in real time to provide the voltage, temperature, state of insulation and other information.

Despite the years of wasted research that went into producing a good nickel battery, there is the Lithium battery.

Lithium batteries are the big hope for electric cars. Laptops do use lithium batteries. And there were safety issues over the years when they overheated. However, when used in electric cars, these problems have been largely eliminated by placing the electric car batteries in a stronger casing unit.

Lithium Ion batteries are very energy-efficient, but do not have a long life cycle, like the Nickel battery. And they are pretty pricey. And if you have one faulty cell, you have to replace the entire unit.

We must mention that, every Lithium rechargeable batteries cell must install one or more temperature sensors to measure the changing temperature of batteries as batteries are the most important part of electric car. No batteries, no power, no safety.