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Jacuzzi NTC Temperature Sensor
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Jacuzzi NTC Temperature Sensor


In the face of the gradual popularization and development of intelligent home network, the introduction of various sensors into appliances has become more urgent. For example, in the bathtub, the existing bathtubs basically manually adjust the water temperature, which is not convenient for modern people, and the temperature sensor can be introduced to solve this problem.


Modern people's pursuit of quality of life is getting higher and higher, bathtub and from normal development to Jacuzzi, in order to enjoy a massage bath process, temperature is very important, it must depend on the Jacuzzi NTC temperature sensor of the role. Commonly used is the NTC temperature sensor, when the thermostat setting temperature of 40℃(the temperature of the human body feel comfortable), NTC temperature sensor will be real-time automatic control water temperature to keep within this temperature, let a person enjoy a massage in the comfortable temperature function.


The application of smart home NTC temperature sensor is becoming more and more extensive, which contributes to the comfortable life of modern people.