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Internet of thing sensor technology
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Internet of thing sensor technology


Sensors belong to the nerve endings of the internet of things, and become the most central component of human universal perception of nature. internet of thing sensor technology plays an important role in developing economy and promoting social progress. At the same time the technology level of the internet of thing sensor has achieved a very obvious effect.

We obtain information from the outside world, must use sensory organ, but the perception of the outside world through the five sensor is very limited, and it's not possible to distinguish small changes, this needs the help of electronic equipment, which requires the internet of things sensors, it’s the extension of the human features and is called the" electric facial features".

Internet of thing sensor has penetrated into such as industrial production, smart home, the universe, ocean exploration, environmental protection, resource investigation, medical diagnosis, biological engineering, and even the protection of cultural relics and extremely extensive areas. Almost every modern project is inseparable from various sensors. Thus, internet of thing sensor technology has been around in every aspect of our lives, believe in the near future, internet of thing sensor technology will be a leap to a new height, to further promote the rapid development of economy and improve the quality of our life.