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Intelligent Floor Heating Temperature Sensor
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Intelligent Floor Heating Temperature Sensor


In recent years, with the rapid improvement of China's scientific and technological production level, people are demanding more and more environmental protection and intelligent home furnishing. Compared with the existing heating and ventilation system, the installation of an intelligent geothermal system, has greatly reduced the energy consumption, which is undoubtedly important for sustainable development today.


The application principle of intelligent floor heating is described as follows. The temperature of intelligent floor heating is determined by the flow temperature in the underground hot water pipe, and the working state of the constant temperature valve is controlled by the NTC temperature sensor to change the hot water temperature in the pipe at the right time. When the system detects that the room temperature is higher than the appropriate one, it will control the temperature through NTC thermistor and reduce the water temperature in the water pipe to achieve the effect of adjusting the room temperature. Conversely, if the room temperature is detected to be lower than the appropriate one, the water temperature will be increased to adjust the room temperature. At the same time, when the intelligent floor heating system detects that the room temperature is not within the preset range, the buzzer will alarm in time to ensure the stability and security of the system.


The intelligent floor heating system is designed with comfort, automation and humanization. Through the temperature sensor to control the room temperature to achieve the effect of appropriate one, so that people can enjoy a more comfortable life in the intelligent home.