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Do you know Coffee Machine need NTC Temperature Sensor?
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Do you know Coffee Machine need NTC Temperature Sensor?


Now most people like to drink Coffee, at the same time Coffee is necessary also to the office worker for working overtime.Therefore, the Coffee machine is requirements higher and higher.If want a cup of good Coffee, the first condition is to control the water temperature. And control the temperature is need NTC temperature sensor.Pls see below the function and application of NTC temperature sensor to Coffee machine.

NTC temperature sensor of Coffee machine and hot water bottle application:

NTC temperature sensor will generally installed in the bottom or the side Coffee machine.In this way, it can more accurately measure and control the hot water temperature. it is very necessary to a cup of good Coffee. Therefore, for the temperature is need more sensitive response, good appearance, no rust, high temperature resistance and high reliability characteristics.According to the situation  can be divided into indirect temperature and direct measurement , the following will be based on the types of NTC thermistor temperature measurement using Coffee machine on the common appearance and installation conditions and product characteristics of simple instructions to introduce, in order to customer selection evaluation.