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Coolant Temperature Sensor For Car

The coolant temperature sensor is connected with the ECU line of the Cambodian resistance checked.

A.With the high impedance millimeter block resistance,measurement the coolant temperature sensor and ECU two wire harness connection value (sensor signal, ground wire is connected with two terminal resistance corresponding to the ECU value between the lines) should be conducted. If the line is not conductive or resistance value is greater than the specified value. That is bad contact the sensor circuit or wiring harness connector, it should be further check or replace.

B. Some detail specifications for coolant temperature sensor

Can use the universal meter to detect the coolant temperature sensor?
In vehicle inspection step. The ignition switch is turned off, remove the sensor connector to use a special vehicle million with table rx1 block to test two terminal resistance. for example, in the temperature is 0 C, the resistance is 4 - 7Kohms ; in temperature is 20C, the resistance is 2 ~ 3Kohms. At 40C temperature, resistance for 9 a 1.3kohms. At 60 DEG C for O.4 to 0.7k Omega, at 80 DEG C, for 0.2 to an O.4k. The coolant temperature sensor is inversely proportional to the temperature.