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Barbecue fork temperature sensor
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Barbecue fork temperature sensor


NTC temperature sensor , temperature sensor

Barbecue is a good way to party. when it comes to outdoor barbecuing that the food is hot and smell is strong, we can only judge the degree of cooked food according to our experience. If there is a difference in judgment, eating undercooked food can cause irritation and injury to people's digestive system, as well as serious nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. At this time, we often need to use the new barbecue fork to detect the degree of cooked food. 

The new barbecue fork has a built-in temperature sensor to detect the temperature of food, and a number of stainless steel pins are installed to measure the temperature of food through the insertion of needles, which can detect the temperature of food more evenly. The NTC temperature sensor feeds the detection information back to the temperature detection module, and finally displays whether the food has been baked or eaten directly through the temperature display. Users can not only see the temperature of the food through the temperature display, but also see whether the food has been baked according to the indication on the temperature display.

The barbecue fork uses a temperature sensor to detect the temperature of food more accurately, ensuring that people can taste the delicious food more safely and conveniently.