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Automobile Water Temperature Sensor
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Automobile Water Temperature Sensor


With the development of science & technology and the popularization of vehicles, more and more people own their cars. What’s more, the demand of safety, comfort and best price for automobile are more important to people. However, above aspects are inseparable from temperature sensors.

Water temperature sensor, also called water temperature sensor plug, is an important part of automotive electronic control system. Inside the electronic control system it is a semiconductor thermistor that the resistance will increases as the temperature decreases and it will decreases as the temperature increases. The NTC temperature sensor install on the engine cylinder or cylinder cover that contact the cooling water directly. The automotive electronic control system receives the voltage and transmit it to the computer ECU. After that, ECU will calculate the current cooling fluid temperature according to the voltage signal and the computer database, which can be the revision numbers of gas injection and ignition timing.

When there is an incident such as over loading, lack of water, wrong ignition time and fan not turning on, the engine water temperature is going to rise and the resistance reduce, which makes the engine unable to work normally. Automobiles’ instrument system are designed with NTC temperature sensor which can detect the engine coolant temperature and convert to electrical signals. With this instrument system, drivers can intuitively see the engine coolant temperature at any time and take the corresponding action in time.