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Application of temperature sensor in intelligent greenhouse
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Application of temperature sensor in intelligent greenhouse


In the beginning, the management of greenhouse was all done by hand. If not well mastered, there would be a series of problems in plant growth and a devastating impact on planting. With the development of greenhouse supporting facilities and temperature sensor technology, intelligent greenhouse is favored by farmers.


TheNTC temperature sensor is the key component of intelligent greenhouse temperature measurement, which plays an important role in controlling the environment during plant growth. The temperature of intelligent greenhouse will directly affect the growth condition of plants. When the temperature is too low, the activity of bioenzyme in plants will be relatively low, so the efficiency of photosynthesis will be reduced accordingly. When the temperature is too high, the respiration of the plant itself will be relatively strong, and it will consume more energy. Therefore, the temperature sensor is required to measure the temperature of the greenhouse, so as to timely conduct heat dissipation and ventilation or heat preservation and humidification work, which can make the plant in the best growth environment and also help increase the production.


The intelligent greenhouse uses temperature sensors to accurately measure and monitor the growing environment of plants, so as to adjust the temperature appropriately and ensure that plants are in an suitable growing environment.