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Electric Rice Cooker Intelligent Controlling System with NTC Thermistor

The design is based on single-chip, Single chip microcomputer automatic control theory and real-time timing circuit working principle is based on the completion. In the real-time operation, When the arrival time of the control circuit to complete the electric cooker automatically to the electrical and mechanical action function,According to the user preset the time in order to complete the task, so as to achieve the purpose of intelligent real-time control.

The hardware design of the control system uses the single-chip MC3-51 series and 8031 microprocessor, matches with the lock latch, EPROM, A/D converter, temperature sensor, SCR and LED and other peripheral components, can achieve the temperature detection, software filtering, data processing, power control, alarm, protect  the display and overload functions as a series. The temperature detecting element use the  negative temperature coefficient (NTC) thermistor, The analog quantity transfer to digital quantity to the single-chip processed by the A/D converter. Overload protection detection device used the switch type negative temperature coefficient thermistor.Overload compare the circuit send the trigger leve to the single chip.